The Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) in Zimbabwe was formed in 2007 out of the need for the Zimbabwe Vigil to have an organisation on the ground in Zimbabwe to reflect the Vigil’s mission statement to fight for human rights and true democracy (free and fair elections) in Zimbabwe. ROHR is a non-political organisation committed to educating people to achieve real change in the form of justice, peace and freedom in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights

The long awaited Christmas Get Together and National Fundraiser hosted by Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHRZ) Central London Branch marked a good end to a good year. The glamorous event which started at 7.30 pm and went on to 3 am, was held at Tiger Tiger, a party venue in the heart of London. The venue provided a remarkable and unmatched Christmas party experience; the glamorously dressed guests were treated to a Christmas party with just the right amount of sass and attitude, live music, entertainment and a sumptuous three-course meal to top it off. The ambience was electrifying and conducive to catching up with old friends and networking with new faces.

During the evening human rights activism by ROHR members was celebrated and some of those present were awarded certificates for their human rights work during the year, namely: Sally Mutseyami, Tino Mashonganyika, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Mercy Chapepa and Esther Nyambi. Also commended for human rights work were ROHR Reading branch and ROHR Central London branch.

ROHR Central London is well aware that there are many human rights activists amongst the wider ROHR UK membership deserving of recognition who were unable to make it to the event. Central London looks forward keenly to celebrations for these dedicated human rights activists.

The evening ended with guests dancing the night away under the spectacular lighting that showed up some skilful dance moves while brilliantly hiding the awkward ones.

Report by Esther Nyambi
Central London Secretary


Newport Settlement’s community food bank received £100 for food and sanitary products from members of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) International Middlesbrough. The cash was raised by ROHR through a Christmas event at Teesside University’s Tower Building at the end of November.

Local branch treasurer Xoliso Sithole, a 45-year-old asylum seeker from Zimbabwe who lives in the Newport ward, said: “We have a branch here in Middlesbrough and I sat down with my colleagues and we thought of doing some fundraising and wanted to do something for the Newport Settlement Food Bank. There are people who are destitute – some of the stories are so painful, the way they have no clothes, no food. We can help those people, perhaps try to buy some tinned food as Christmas is approaching. We are keen to do these things and we are going to do more but first we said let’s do something for the food bank.”

ROHR Middlesbrough branch held a Christmas fundraising party with a difference at Teesside University on Saturday 28th November 2015 from 2 – 9 pm. ROHR Middlesbrough was raising funds to support the local food banks which support people from various countries.

ROHR Middlesbrough’s motive as we approach the festive season was to ensure that is not only involved in matters abroad but also takes part in local initiatives. We were proud to have an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives by raising funds to help individuals and families in Teesside to put food on the table this Christmas.

Xoliso Sithole (Treasurer of the branch) opened the proceedings with a prayer followed by housekeeping and welcoming those who came and thanking them for taking time to support and celebrate the event with us.

Head fundraiser of the branch Henrietta Nomusa Mlilo then explained to those present what the ROHR organisation stands for and the purpose of the event. She also gave a brief account of her life in the community and said as a result she would like to challenge the community to work together to help those in need.

Apart from ROHR members, the event was attended by members of the community and students from Teesside University.

All enjoyed delicious Zimbabwean, Congolese, Gambian and English dishes and fabulous music provided by DJ Mr Adja till 9pm.

Henrietta N Mlilo
(Head Fundraiser and Information and Publicity)

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