The Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) in Zimbabwe was formed in 2007 out of the need for the Zimbabwe Vigil to have an organisation on the ground in Zimbabwe to reflect the Vigil’s mission statement to fight for human rights and true democracy (free and fair elections) in Zimbabwe. ROHR is a non-political organisation committed to educating people to achieve real change in the form of justice, peace and freedom in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights

The suggestion that the Zimbabwean government is looking at ways of ‘taxing’ the diaspora may be fanciful but it is clear that both Zanu PF and the opposition are looking hungrily at the money earned abroad by the millions of Zimbabweans who have fled Mugabe’s economic Armageddon.

The government, we were told this week, has drafted a Diaspora Policy which seeks to tap into exiles’ remittances estimated at $1.8 billion a year – way more than the country is attracting in foreign direct investment (see: Zim Citizens Working Outside The Country To Be Taxed –
 Zim Metro Article).

It is typical of the Zanu PF mentality that the government should think it has a claim to any of this money. It’s bad enough that hundreds of thousands of family members in Zimbabwe have become so dependent on remittances – indeed appealing for ever more help.
Fresh from his ‘million man’ charade in Harare, Mugabe flew off on Air Mugabe to enjoy being the only President from the 79 members of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States to attend a meeting in Papua New Guinea. Apparently not even the Papua New Guinea President was attending.
Papua New Guinea? If you consult the atlas you will find it is part of an island east of Indonesia and north of Australia. A spokesman for PNG (as it is known to those who have consulted the atlas) said his country was keen to raise its international profile because not many people knew where it was. ‘They think it is part of Africa’. He said (see:ZimEye-Mugabe Humiliated).

Well, Air Mugabe knows where PNG is: conveniently close to Mugabe’s doctors in Singapore. It’s been more than a week since he last saw them so surely more injections are due – apart from changing the nappy of his grandson.

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Friday 13th May from 12 noon – 3 pm.

Venue: The Willows Medical Centre, Church Street, Carlton NOTTINGHAM. NG4 1BJ.

Directions: opposite Tesco in Carlton Nottingham.

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