On Thursday the 12th May ROHR Publicity Head, Salani 'Sally Mutseyami was interviewed on INSITE radio by Jacob Opoku regarding the purpose and aims of the Restoration of Human Rights [ROHR] Zimbabwe.

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The Vigil [as supported by ROHR] has written to two prominent British MPs to seek their support for the expulsion from the UK of a Nottingham GP Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro and his wife Veronica who have seized a farm in Zimbabwe.

The MPs are the former long-time cabinet minister Ken Clarke who represents the Conservative Party in Rushcliffe constituency, Nottingham, in which the Nyatsuros have a large and luxurious home and Vernon Coaker, a minister in the last Labour government who represents the neighbouring constituency of Gedling, in which the Nyatsuros run an NHS clinic.

On Friday 13th May 2016 scores of protesters from all over England braved the cloudy British weather for a protest organized by the two biggest Zimbabwe activist organisations in the UK: Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe (ROHR) and the Zimbabwe Vigil. Placard waving protesters marched outside Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro’s Willows Medical Centre in Nottingham drumming and singing and distributing flyers to Nyatsuro’s patients and neighbours informing them of the hypocrisy of the Nyatsuros.

At the well-attended protest was a Radio journalist who interviewed the protesters much to the annoyance of Dr Nyatsuro who, when requested by the journalist, refused to comment or show himself. Some of the protesters approached Veronica as she entered the clinic but she refused to say anything – even when asked for advice on who to contact to get a stolen farm. A Kenyan lady arrived at the clinic in a Mercedes said she didn’t understand why we were protesting against a black person taking over a farm and that we were embarrassing her doctor. We replied that his greed was embarrassing us. A more positive response came from a local nurse who took a bundle of our leaflets to hand out to patients.

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