The Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) openly supports the demonstrations in Zimbabwe as they are constitutional. ROHR is a full member of #Tajamuka and Occupy Africa Unity Square and strongly supports mass demonstrations against the abuse of human rights. Our message is very clear, we are not against Mugabe and Zanu PF but we are against the abuse of human rights by Mugabe and his government: police brutality, the arrest of peaceful protesters, corruption by Zanu PF ministers, the long stay of Vice President Mphoko in a hotel at the expense of tax payers' money, unemployment, the decaying economy and the looting of natural resources without benefiting Zimbabweans. Because of this ROHR joins other pressure groups and civic organizations in calling for an end to Mugabe's rule as he has failed to restore human rights and dignity. We also stand in solidarity with Pastor Evan Mawarire of #thisflag and we are very happy that he was released by the human rights abusers. Our message to him is 'Go on pastor. We want a better Zimbabwe for all. Don't be moved by this regime. A new Zimbabwe is coming which will value human rights.'

For photos of ROHR at the court hearing of Evan Mawarire, see: ROHR Zimbabwe at Hearing,

From Information Department
14th July 2016
ROHR Zimbabwe for peace, justice and freedom

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