The Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) in Zimbabwe was formed in 2007 out of the need for the Zimbabwe Vigil to have an organisation on the ground in Zimbabwe to reflect the Vigil’s mission statement to fight for human rights and true democracy (free and fair elections) in Zimbabwe. ROHR is a non-political organisation committed to educating people to achieve real change in the form of justice, peace and freedom in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwe ROHR - Restoration of Human Rights
Zimbabwean Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa was besieged in London by angry Zimbabwean exiles and had to be rescued by a vanload of police.

Chinamasa was speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House on a desperate visit to Europe to try to raise money for the bankrupt Zanu PF regime.

Protestors from the Zimbabwe Vigil and its sister organisation Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe picketed Chatham House with posters reading: ‘No to Mugabe’s lies’, ‘Don’t prop up the Mugabe regime’, ‘Don’t lend money to thieves’ and ‘Zimbabweans reject odious debt’. While the meeting was under way an impassioned Cephas Maswoswa sang protests songs.

It became apparent that Chinamasa and his companions were afraid to come out and face the music. The demonstrators deterred an attempt to exit from a side door of Chatham House and eventually the police arrived and provided a safe corridor for Chinamasa and his friends to access the Zimbabwean Ambassador’s car (ZIM 1 no less ) amid jeers from protestors, fired up by messages from home of mounting unrest in all urban areas.

Mugabe’s vultures descend on London – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd July 2016
Mugabe’s Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has admitted that Zimbabwe is broke. ‘Right now we have nothing’, he said on a visit to France to beg for money. Asked in an interview with Radio France International how much credit he was looking for he said ‘there is no limit’ (see: We dont have a penny!). Chinamasa was in Paris on his way to London where he will speak at the Chatham House foreign relations think tank on Monday. The Vigil has sent the following notice to its supporters: Zanu PF are descending on London in a desperate plea for money. Please come and join the Vigil in two demonstrations.

The Willows Medical Centre in Church Street, Carlton will be temporarily closed after a visit by the Care Quality Commission last Monday.

Inspectors visited the surgery and took immediate action to close it. It will remain closed until further notice during which time the surgery cannot provide any appointments or repeat prescriptions.

A spokesperson for the service said: "The CQC is taking action to protect the safety welfare of patients at The Willows Medical Centre, on Church Street, Carlton, Nottingham, following an inspection in Monday (6 June).

"Inspectors visited the surgery following concerns that had been raised and, as a result, urgent enforcement action is being taken. CQC is working closely with Nottingham North and East CCG and NHS England to ensure any patients of the surgery have access to GP services.

"While our legal processes do not allow us to go into further detail at this time, we will publish a full report of our findings in due course. Any action CQC takes is open to appeal."

The findings of the inspection will be published at a later date.

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